Testing Procedure

Defocus Lenses

The exam will be conducted for all the defocus lenses selected in the Protocol. If you conduct a Defocus Curve with Best Distance Correction you will have to compensate the cylinder in the trial frame. The equivalent sphere at each defocus step will be indicated in the screen considering the addition of Vergence by iPad Distance + Sphere from the Refraction + Defocus Lens

Patient Answer

The clinician only have to press the button corresponding to the answer given by the patient. If the patient fails in the answer or do not recognize the optotype the question mark button should be pressed.

Remote Control

Another IOS device can be used as remote control, for this purpose open the app in the remote control device and press over the top-right button that will appear on the iPad screen during the testing.

Defocus Lens Change

After finishing a defocus step, an alert message will appear on the screen indicating the new spherical lens by which the previous one should be replaced.

Exam Finished

Once all the defocus range has been measured, the exam will automatically finish and the defocus curve will be seen in the database pressing over the exam. If you repeat the test over the same exam, the previous measurement will be replaced by the new one.

All Devices

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