Managing the Database

1.- Subjects

Subjects can be stored in the database. To create a new subject click on the + button, insert a pseudo-identifier and select the patient's year of birth

2.- Exams

Select the patient and press over the + button at the top right side of the screen. A pop-up will appear for selection of the Right, Left or Both Eyes. Select the option that corresponds to the Eye you are going to measure.

3.- Protocols

Protocols can be created to classify your exams for future analysis. The name of the protocol can be the implanted MIOL or the fitted MCL. All the exams associated to the same protocol will be conducted in the same defocus range, distance, optotype, or brightness conditions.

4.- Defocus Curve

Visual Acuity Defocus Curve (VADC) or Contrast Sensitivity Defocus Curve (CSDC) can be measured with the MLA. Before to start the exam you have to select the defocus curve type.

5.- Additional Info

You cannot start the test without assigning the additional information. This includes the pupil diameter of the eye during the measurement, the exclusion of the examination if an adverse event has occurred, conducted with  distance corrected refraction, the sphere component of the refraction and the months after surgery.

6.- Export Defocus Curve Capture

You can capture a defocus curve to export it in .png format. During export, you can select whether you want the curve with negative lenses to the left or right. This form of visualization will be maintained throughout the application.

7.- Export Database

You can create a backup of your database to Export it by email in a .CSV file that can be opened with any statistical software package.

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